Back to School

August 19, 2021

Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,

 On behalf of the School Board, faculty, and staff, it is with warm regards that I welcome all our new and returning students back to school.  I hope you’ve had a memorable summer and are rested and ready for this school year.  Please help me kindly welcome our new staff member, Karen Wilson-Payne, Preschool Teacher.  Each year, we are elated to welcome back our returning faculty and staff.   We are delighted again in having highly qualified professionals in our schools to guide and mentor our students.    

 We look forward to collaborating throughout the year.  Our focus remains on improving literacy across all content areas, math, and science, and integrating local culture and language in every classroom.  We will measure academic growth for our school through assessments, with MAP (NWEA), and state (NWEA) assessments.   Together, we can support our students to stay focused on participating in school, kept on track on their academic journey, and make fond memories throughout, as well.  We will endure following COVID 19 mitigations as it remains over our daily lives and educational efforts.  We will all start and finish strong, regardless!

 We encourage families to visit our classrooms to observe instructions or proudly watch their children learn.  We will welcome any feedback you may have to help improve our schools.  Your support of our staff and students is priceless and we hope it continues to grow tremendously. Together, we can embrace educational success as part of our culture.  We renew this commitment with strength as we overcome obstacles and ensure learning continues for all our students.   

 Lastly with the same importance, please read and keep this handbook as a reference and guide throughout the school year.  We promise to adhere to this handbook as you would; to model and enforce with integrity and service to every member of our KCSD team.  In addition to the handbooks, we will apply all aspects of our KCSD School Mitigation and Sustainment Plan in keeping our students safe throughout COVID 19.  Please stay informed throughout the year with our website and APP.    Again, welcome back, and stay safe!



Rich Catahay